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      If you seek for a simple definition about DevSecOps- it is a method of ensuring everyone is given accountability for security and shares the common goal of implementing apt security decisions and actions at the same speed and scale just like the operation and development actions and decisions. DevSecOps or Development, Security, and Operations stand as an essential response to the bottleneck impact of older security models on the present-day constant delivery pipeline. The main objective here is bridging the traditional gap between security and IT and ensures prompt and safe code delivery. Digging Deeper Into What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOps involves properly thinking about effective application and infrastructure security right from the start. It also indicates automating certain security gates to allow the DevOps workflow from slacking down. To meet these objectives, selecting the appropriate tools like IDE or Integrated Development Environment complemented with quality security features is needed for continuous security integration. Furthermore, in DevSecOps, two opposing goals like secure code and speed of delivery are merged into one effective, streamlined process. Of course, all this is in alignment with security testing done in iterations and lean practices in agile without jeopardising the speed of the delivery cycles. Precarious security concerns are all handled properly whenever they arise, and not after the occurrence or a threat or its subsequent compromise. Moving Over To the Benefit of DevSecOps Now that you have an understanding of DevSecOps, it is time to discuss about its benefits.
      • DevSecOps offers greater agility and speed for all your security personnel
      • It can respond quickly as per the changes and arising necessities
      • It ensures proper communication and collaboration amongst all other team members
      • DevSecOps provides more scope for automated builds and even guarantees quality testing
      • It has the ability to identify vulnerabilities in code early and, as a result, take care of it in the best feasible manner
      • It allows you to make better use of open-source solutions
      • DevSecOps also results in cost-convenient resource management
      • It reduces risks and potential legal liabilities
      • And it frees your team assets to work on other high-value work
      Latest Trend about It in this 2020 DevSecOps are regularly put to use by countless enterprises in more than one way.  Hence no surprises why it is making such impressive headways in the market! Here Are Some Trends to Sum up The State of DevSecOps This 2020
      • DevSecOps will secure a 20-50% of the market penetration. And as per Gartner Hype Cycle for Agile and DevOps, 2020, DevSecOps will arrive at mainstream adoption in the next 2-4 years.
      • GitLab's Mapping points out that 62% of respondents have been using DevOps, which were 1-5 years old.
      Here’s a statistical breakdown.
      • 18% were using DevOps for 1 year or less.
      • 35% were using DevOps for 1-3 years.
      • 27% were using DevOps for 3-5 years.
      • And 20% were using DevOps for over 5 years.
      In response to this trend, Gartner’s prediction reveals that DevSecOps will replace the old implementation and become the next step for these respondents.
      • Furthermore, around 78% of the respondents from the ISACA's State of Cybersecurity 2020 report believed the demand for candidates with sound technical Cybersecurity skills was rising. In comparison to this, the demand ratio or Cybersecurity managers, senior manager, and CISO were relatively lesser.
      Since the demand for Cybersecurity technicians were higher than managers, this is precisely where DevSecOps will come in handy. It will free up time for the security engineers and allow them to perform better. GITHUB’S NICO WAISMAN points out – “Considering the disparity between security and development skills, the developers easily outnumber security professionals 500 to 1.  And although this may appear to be a troubling number, as per DevSecOps perspective, it means that there will be lots of enterprise who could possibly reap the benefits of automating more of their Cybersecurity. By integrating security within the development, it will allow enterprises to leverage the power of all 500 engineers to safeguard whatever they wish.” CALL TO ACTION The bottom line being DevSecOps might not conquer the world immediately or even in the near future. However, it does show lots of promise. And that should give you enough motivation to take up a DevSecOps online course and learn everything there is to learn. If you are looking for a good online training platform to start your DevSecOps course, then you can visit Kalkey and get started immediately. You will get training for all skill levels from experienced and knowledgeable tutors. To get started, click here!
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