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We are an IT solution company with an obsession to find the best affordable solution that fits you and your organizational growth. On top of that, we provide a wide range of cutting edge tech services


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    Fly High

    With us you will always get the best resources, who are very much competent to cope up with today’s drastic and demanding changes. For candidates who are looking for opportunities, we can put you in the best place where you can showcase all your feathers.

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    Global Service

    We operate throughout United States and we also have our operations in emerging markets. Kalkey also serves clients with technical requirements all over the world. We have specialized team for Cloud Migration and DevOps adoption across different time zones.

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    Managed Services

    Kalkey solution provides managed services for DevOps, Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, DevSecops, Application Migration, Data Analytics. We have a truly mature team, who has 360-degree knowledge of IT services. We believe in the “Hire and forget” policy, we will take complete ownership.

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    KalKey Solutions BENefits

    Professionals for Professionals

    we believe in transformation

    We believe in the caterpillar who has the capability to transform into a butterfly, we believe with the right 

    tools and right association people organizations can realize their true potential. 

    We are your trusted partner for your elevating journey.

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    Automation & Agile Security Decrypted

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    Uptech offer you all kind of the

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    Web Designer 99%
    Cloud Optimization & Hosting
    Web Designer 85%
    IT Solutioning & Automation
    Web Designer 80%