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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Kalkey. Please review the following notices, terms, and conditions regarding your use of the website. By accessing, downloading, and using any materials from the website, you give your consent to follow and bound all the clauses mentioned in the terms and conditions. In case you do not agree with all these, please do not make use of this website.

You are supposed to access this website only if you are ready to abide by all of the below-described terms and conditions. This site, Kalkey, is known to be offered subject to your full acceptance without any kind of modifications of these terms and conditions given below. It is also mandatory to abide by all the procedures, policies, and operating rules given on this website from time to time.

You should go through the whole Agreement properly before using or accessing the site. Using or accessing any segment of this site, you agree to abide by each of the terms and conditions given here. Unless you agree to all these below-described terms and conditions, you cannot access Kalkey at all.

  1. Advertisements: If you post some blog on content on this website, then this site has full right to display any kind of advertising on that blog unless and until your account is ad-free.
  2. Partners’ Products: By agreeing to activate some partner product from one of our partners, you need to abide by all the terms and conditions of that partner. You have the option of opting out of those terms and conditions, but you need to de-activate the service or product of that partner right now.
  3. Domain Names: In case you have registered, used, or transferred some domain name, then you are required to acknowledge that the use of that domain name also happens to be subject to policies of Internet Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers as well as the Registration Rights and Responsibilities.
  4. Changes: This website is to properly reserve rights, at its sole judgment and discretion, to replace or modify any segment of this whole Agreement. It is the visitor’s responsibility and job to check the entire agreement periodically for alterations thoroughly. Your further access or use to this site following the posting of any modifications to the Agreement indulges in accepting these alterations wholeheartedly. This site may even, in the future, provide new features or/and services. All these new services or/and components will be subject to the terms and conditions of the said Agreement.
  5. Privacy Policy: This website, apart from running Kalkey, may also run and operate other sites. This is under our policies to respect each of our site visitors’ privacy regarding any detail or information that we may need to get while on our website.
  6. Aggregated Statistics: This website may gather and collect statistics regarding the visitors’ behavior on the site. This site may even display the details and information publicly, or they can even provide this to the others. But Kalkey does not necessarily disclose personally-identifying information to a great extent.
  7. Cookies: Kalkey uses cookies to identify and track visitors, the usage of this site, and the preferences of those visitors. If a visitor of this website does not want their cookies to be used by this website, they need to disable the cookies option on the browser setting so that this site won’t be able to store them. But with the cookies disabled, some specific features and attributes of the site may not function well.
  8. Business Transfer: If this site or all of its assets get acquired, or in the improbable event it goes out of the business, then the user details and information would be received or transferred by some third party. The visitors of this website must acknowledge such transfers and that the acquirer of this business or website would continue to utilize those details and information of yours that will come under their policies.
  9. Ads: The ads that appear on this website might be sent to the users by some advertising partner that may set cookies. They may use these cookies for their business purpose.
  10. Terminate: This website holds the right to terminate any visitor’s access to this site at any time without any reason or notice, which becomes effective immediately. If you disagree with this term, then you may discontinue the service.
  11. Disclaimer of Warranties: This website does not guarantee that this site’s service will be absolutely error-free or the service will be uninterrupted or continuous. You need to access the area at your own risk and discretion.
  12. Indemnification: The visitors of this website must agree to hold harmless and indemnify this website, its licensors, contractors, and other associated parties against any or all expenses and claims arising out of your use of this site, including but not just limited to your own violation of the agreement.
  13. Best effort: The clients and this website are to abide by to co-operate in properly maintaining of this whole agreement.
  14. Agency: The client and this site fully agree that the said agreement is not to create any kind of agency relations of any type. Both also agree not to contract any of the obligations in the name of the other party.
  15. Waiver: Either party’s failure to properly exercise or waiver any of the rights given in the Agreement will not be deemed the release of any kind of future freedom.
  16. Successors and Assigns: The whole Agreement shall bind on all the parties along with successors and assigns, without really being acknowledged in the instrument of the assignment or succession.
  17. Captions: Captions of all the paragraphs of this whole Agreement are really inserted for the readers’ convenience only.
  18. Amendment: This whole agreement constitutes a full agreement between parties and supersedes all prior oral or writing agreements. The said Agreement can be amended as per needs and necessities.
  19. Notices: The Agreement needs the notifications will be informal writing and will be delivered by email.
  20. Severability: If one or more of the Agreement’s clauses become invalid as per the country’s law, then the remaining provisions will remain in effect as before without any kind of change in its meaning.
  21. Intellectual Property: All and any intellectual property rights such as (a) rights, copyrights, patents in the circuit layouts, unregistered and registered trademarks, registered designs, or any rights having confidential details and information, (b) any request or application to apply for the registration of any rights capable of being registered. This site reserves all the rights and use of contents. If any user or freelancer is found using or misusing the contents, PDF, PPT, or any other content our consent or permission, then necessary legal action will be taken by the site authority.
  22. Payment Gateway: Payments made by the buyer to provide the Seller services under some kind of user contract that is to be released accordingly. Payment is supposed to be made using a debit card, net banking, or credit card. The user or freelancer must produce relevant inquiry to know the charges to be paid to complete the transaction using a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  23. Client and freelancer: This site holds the rights to terminate or suspend any service or any user’s account, ban or suspend a user or freelancer from accessing our services, or take any necessary legal actions to refrain the user or freelancer from visiting or accessing the website. The response as mentioned above could be given to the following conducts including (1) Use or misuse of our site’s services of any non-bona fide or illegitimate purpose (2) infringement of intellectual property rights to any third party (3) not indulging or following this site’s terms and conditions properly (4) any attempt to misuse or use this platform’s content or service for any kind of objectionable purposes