Business Intelligent

Data for visualization

Turning data analysis into visual representations such as charts, graphs, and histograms to more easily consume data

Security for data.

Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Visual analysis

Exploring data through visual storytelling to communicate insights on the fly and stay in the flow of analysis

Business Intelligence Consulting

Credible data analysis and reporting help businesses to grow faster along with consistent growth. But at the same time, they also need delivery and support from an expert partner. Here’s the importance of Kalkey comes into play. Our Business Intelligence helps businesses step into the world of the data-driven world and modernize the existing business analytics and infrastructure. We at Kalkey help our clients extract insights from the previous data and turn them into profitable and valuable information.

One-Stop Destination for Business Intelligence Solutions

We have gathered a significant amount of knowledge in creating effective high-end custom Business Intelligence solutions. We imply the BI practice or approach to cultivate multi-featured structures that fulfill the company’s specific requisites needs, considering all the account all the business procedures. We also develop as well as assimilate BI modules to encompass analytics, conception, and reporting competencies. BI modules empower businesses to consider enterprise-wide data without substituting between systems.

With our inclusive range of business-friendly BI solutions, we ensure to put data to work by leveraging advanced BI tools and proficiency in data analytics. We have trained BI experts. They help create data-driven approaches that resource understandings into key areas, support your process of decision-making, recognize emergent trends, and unravel the concealed value in data. Our specialized BI analysts and BI developers assist businesses of different sizes to scrutinize, collect and envisage data and then transmute it into actionable insights.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion is the process of streaming in massive amounts of data in our system, from several different external sources, for running analytics & other operations required by the business. Data is ingested to understand & make sense of such a massive amount of data to grow the business.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing site aims to help people get a good high-level understanding of what it takes to implement a successful data warehouse project. A lot of the information comes from my personal experience as a business intelligence professional, both as a client and as a vendor. Data warehouses are typically used to correlate broad business data to provide greater executive insight into corporate performance.

Data Transformation

Data transformation is converting data from one format into another format that is more usable by the target system or application. Businesses need to data transformation for number of reasons like migrating data, consolidating records, deleting duplicates, and changing formatting, etc. Transformations are also applied to concatenate and validate data, perform lookups, or route data to different destinations.


Reporting is the art of collecting data from various data sources and presenting it to end-users in a way that is understandable and ready to be analyzed. In the second sense, reporting means presenting data and information, so it also includes analysis–in other words, allowing end-users to both see and understand the data, as well as act on it. Reporting can be classified in many different ways.

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