With everything going on in IoT devices and hardware, with sensors and other electronics and connected hardware and control systems there needs to be a connection between various levels


Devices get connected so they can communicate data and this data can be analyzed. Communication can occur over short distances or over a long range to very long range.


The aspect of intelligence as in the sensing capabilities in IoT devices and the intelligence gathered from big data analytics (also artificial intelligence).

Get services on the Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses and organizations resort to IoT solutions and services to boost their operational efficiency and effectively transform business models. Kalkey is one of the leading players that provide innovative IoT services and solutions to resolve your various business challenges and obstacles. We offer our services in different domains such as industrial, medic, fleet management, sport, retail, etc. If you are looking forward to leveraging the best of the IoT expertise, you must choose us.

Shape your business with the ultimate Internet of Things

Whether you want to upscale some existing IoT application or launch a completely new IoT initiative, we provide you with the same service. Internet of Things has become a widespread place in different segments of life. Our ultimate expert IoT solution supplied by our professionals makes sure that we fulfil your business needs. Our mission is to connect everyone and everything via IoT to make this world better and more innovative. We do everything within our capability to unlock the full potential of IoT. Our quality service and solution enable a business to get the extra edge.

  • People (connecting people in more relevant, valuable ways)
  • Data (converting data into intelligence to make better decisions)
  • Process (delivering the right information to the right person or right machine at the right time)

Our expert team of professionals does the needful in quickly turning your vision into the actual reality with scalable, open, and secure cloud solutions. Kalkey, with the top-level IoT services, empowers smart living, innovative businesses, and industries to stay connected with their assets, operations, and logistics virtually. Our expertise is in different IoT adoption levels to offer you a smooth experience maximizing efficiency and results. Our systematic development of varied IoT applications and services is bound to give a business its intended growth. We provide solutions considering the prospect and scope of the IoT market.

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