Micosoft Holding Ltd,
Australia Area
IT Consultation, UI/UX Design, Cloud Service
Feburary 25th, 2022
Logan Cee – Designer
Martin Moussa – iOS Developer

Awesome Features

Notes Powerful
and Security
Easy Sort, Classify
and Search
Collaboration and
Quick Note In
Write and Draw
on Ipad


  • Client – Leading Freelancing Platform
  • Key Requirements
  • Streamlining Profile Creation – Automated profile creation.
  • KYC and Verifications – Secure and automated KYC processes.
  • Job Requirement Postings – Efficient online posting of job requirements.
  • Application Processes – Simplified application processes.
  • Meeting Scheduling – Automated scheduling for client meetings.
  • Technical Assessments – Integrated online code compilers for conducting technical assessments.

Our Solution

  • Backend Infrastructure – Designed for real-time data processing using Node.js and MongoDB
  • Frontend Development – Ensured seamless user experiences across devices using React.js
  • AI-Powered Features – AI-driven tools to automate profile creation
  • KYC Verifications – Secure and automated KYC processes for freelancers.
  • Job Matching Algorithms – AI algorithms to connect users with suitable opportunities seamlessly.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Tools – Automated Profile Creation
  • Identity Verification – Freelancer KYC and Verifications
  • Employer-Friendly – Online Job Requirement Posting
  • Streamlined Application – Application and Selection Process
  • Integrated Calendar Systems – Scheduling Meetings
  • Built-in Code Editors – Online Code Compilers
  • Comprehensive Dashboards – Analytics and Reporting

Technology – [Tools]

  • Backend Operations – [Node.js]
  • Data Storage and Retrieval – [MongoDB]
  • Frontend Development – [React.js]


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