Krossbirds: Empower your love journey

Micosoft Holding Ltd,
Australia Area
IT Consultation, UI/UX Design, Cloud Service
Feburary 25th, 2022
Logan Cee – Designer
Martin Moussa – iOS Developer

Awesome Features

Custom User Profiles
Preference-Based Matching
Real-Time Chat
Video Calls
Geolocation-Based Filtering


Kalkey Solutions developed Krossbirds to handle thsese real-life dating challenges through the development of this application:

  • Smooth Video Calls and Real-Time Messaging:Ensuring seamless, high-quality video and instant communication.
  • User Privacy and Data Security :Protecting user data with robust security measures and encryption.
  • Intuitive, Responsive UI: Designing a user-friendly interface that performs well across all devices.
  • Effective Matching Algorithm: Developing accurate and efficient algorithms for user matching.

Our Solution

Kalkey Solutions developed this application addressing the previous challenges

Built a React Native app integrated with WebRTC and Socket.IO.
Ensured seamless video calling and real-time messaging capabilities.

Implemented secure authentication using JWT and Firebase Authentication.
Ensured data encryption and privacy controls for user information.

Designed a user-friendly interface with React Native and TypeScript.
Ensured smooth interactions and responsive design for all devices.

Developed a matching algorithm based on user preferences and location.
Optimized algorithm for efficient and accurate user pairing.

Business Key Features

  • *
    User Engagement and Retention:Ensuring users remain active and engaged on the platform over time.
  • *
    Competitive Market: Standing out in a crowded market with numerous dating apps competing for user attention.
  • *
    User Trust and Safety: Building and maintaining trust among users by ensuring safety and privacy throughout their interactions.
  • *
    Monetization Strategy: Developing effective strategies to generate revenue through subscriptions, in-app purchases, or ads without compromising user experience.
  • *
    Technical Scalability: Ensuring the app can handle increasing user numbers and data without performance degradation.
  • *
    Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) and other legal requirements in different jurisdictions.
  • *
    Customer Support: Providing responsive customer support to address user inquiries, issues, and feedback promptly.
  • *
    Feature Innovation: Continuously innovating and introducing new features to meet evolving user expectations and preferences.
  • *
    Marketing and User Acquisition: Effectively marketing the app to attract and acquire new users in a competitive landscape.
  • *
    Partnerships and Integration: Forming strategic partnerships and integrations with other platforms or services to enhance user experience and expand reach.

Technology – [Tools]

MySQL for Database – Reliable and efficient data storage.

AWS S3 for Media Storage – Scalable and secure storage for media files.

JWT for Authentication – Secure user authentication and session management.

Node.js Backend with Express.js – Robust and scalable backend infrastructure.

React Native with Typescript – Dynamic and responsive app development for the dating platform.

Web Sockets with WebRTC Peer Connection Server – Real-time video calls and messaging communication.

Firebase Push Notifications (FCM Controlled Notifications) – Instant alerts for user interactions.

Firebase Authentication Management with Apple Login – Secure and seamless user authentication.

Patch Management System – Efficient handling of software updates and patches.

Monitoring & Vulnerability – Continuous monitoring and vulnerability management to ensure security.



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