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Micosoft Holding Ltd,
Australia Area
IT Consultation, UI/UX Design, Cloud Service
Feburary 25th, 2022
Logan Cee – Designer
Martin Moussa – iOS Developer

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  • Network Visibility and Asset Management – Limited visibility into network assets.
  • Vulnerability Detection and Assessment – Inconsistent or no detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Patch Management and Remediation – No deployment or delay in deploying patches.
  • Compliance and Reporting – Meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Scalability and Efficiency – Managing growing network size and latency.

Our Solution

  • Network Visibility and Asset Management – Automated Network Scanning Tool
  • Vulnerability Detection and Assessment – Vulnerability Scanning Tools
  • Patch Management and Remediation – Integration with Patch Management Systems
  • Compliance and Reporting – Support for Compliance Reporting
  • Scalability and Efficiency – Scalable Vulnerability Management Solutions

Key Features

  • Automated Network Scanning Tool
  • Vulnerability Scanning Tools
  • Integration with Patch Management Systems
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Patch Management and Remediation
  • Compliance and Regulatory Checks
  • Scalability and Efficiency
  • Performance and Documentation
  • Centralized Management Dashboard

Technology – [Tools]

  • Automated Network Scanning Tool – [OpenVAS / Nessus / Nmap]
  • Socket-1 Protocol – [SNMPv3]
  • Vulnerability Scanning Tool – [Nessus / OpenVAS / NMap / Qualys Guard]
  • Patch Management Systems – [GFI LanGuard / ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus]
  • Monitoring & Vulnerability Verification Tool – [ELK Stack / Cisco Stealthwatch]


  • Enhanced Network Security & Vulnerability management with Socket-1
  • Enhanced Network infrastructure visibility
  • Accurate Vulnerability Assessments
  • Timely Remediation

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